Is that all there is?!

Many of us are not old enough to be a fan of Peggy Lee, though we have probably heard or read the lyrics of her song “Is That All There Is”. Have executives in your organization climbed the corporate success ladder, only to realize that their wheel of life is held on by one bolt? Perhaps they have the five or six bolts for life balance, but one is tighter than the others and they feel the “wobble,” causing performance and relationship issues. 

Executives know how to develop business strategic plans and operating objectives to drive organizations and teams for success; however, very few apply the principles to ther personal lives and careers.

Our Values2Vision™ program coaches mid-life executives to align their personal and career goals and to develop an integrated plan for success – including a personal written strategic plan of life of which their career is a part. Our program can help your executives “feel more comfortable in their own skin” as one of our CEO clients noted, be more productive in the workplace and plan for their future.

Dutch Earle established and tradmarked Values2Vision based on considerable research and his own life and career experiences. It is coach facilitated and utilizes a series of progressive thinking approaches that guide executives toward achieving their life and career goals.

If you have an executive: experiencing “burnout,” valued but on a lateral career path and in need of a new outlook, approaching retirement in a few years and needs to begin planning the next chapter, or a high potential who may need a retention strategy – call us!